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those are all choices insider. you could break them and face the consequences if you wanted to. but if you didn't have free will your whole life would be predetermined.

but... free will can exist in part. by this i mean that there are all sorts of things that are beyond our control. the world could end from a solar flare or a giant blackhole opening up in space. we could get wiped out by a tornado or contract lupus. all of these things would happen beyond our control. but this doesn't mean we don't have free will. any doctrine of free will that has a basis in the real world will acknowledge that there are some things beyond our means, but would insist (and i think quite rightly so) that the decisions we make over the areas of our life that we can impact are free of any predetermination.

i choose my wife, my career, my tv shows, my computer games, whether or not to drink booze and smoke, or pray, jump up and down, eat meat, be a conservative, etc.

i don't choose whether or not to have cancer, to breathe, to sleep when i am tired. some things are biologically ordained, and some things are just too big for us to exert any control over. but be that as it may, there are plenty of things that i decide for myself. if i thought that some creator had set it all up for me and i was just running lines i'd end it all right away.
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