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Originally Posted by ClingRap View Post
well naturopaths know just as much about medicine. they practice a more critical and co-creative form of science. poopooing them for the canon is ridiculous. and saying it's the zeitgeist is plane wrong. the zeitgeist happened forty years ago and the number for ADHD and Autism has drastically risen in the last 15-20 years. they're saying it's on the rise, and that's what their findings are showing.
Naturopaths typically offer treatments that have no net positive effect, or are unable to beat the placebo effect. Complimentary and Alternative Medicine is almost exclusively nonsense, but I'd be interested to hear more about how you think that it is both a more "critical" and "co-creative" form of science, when naturopathy is based on completely unscientific premises.

Why would Autism diagnoses increase? Could it be because there was a significant change in understanding the diagnosis of autism, starting in 1991? Why is it that mercury based vaccines started in the 1930's, yet the autism "epidemic" didn't start until the 90's? Why is it that, since removing thimerosal from most vaccines in 1999, there has not been a statistically significant change in autism rates? Why is it that applying the more current criteria to past autism studies results in approximately the same rate?

This is not to say that it is impossible that there could be some environmental factor that causes an increase in autism rates, but there is certainly no causal link established or well understood; we're not even certain that there is actually a statistically significant increase in autism rates.
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