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Originally Posted by CommunistCrunch View Post
keeping your immune system strong is by far the most important thing you can do for your health. too bad big medicine and pharmaceutical companies wants you to believe otherwise. flu shots of any kind arent that effective anyways, since they are made prior to the actual outbreak and only cover a few variants. Live a healthy lifestyle and wash more hands more often. We'll make it out alive im sure.
Logic would bring you to that thought but in reality...

First, let's establish what a Cytokine storm is:
At all times, white blood cells circulate in the bloodstream and are the first to sense if a virus or bacteria has infiltrated the body. Immediately, our body sends immune cells, including T-cells and macrophages, to attack the infection. During this stage, our immunity functions properly, and immune cells attack the microbes so they do not get too strong a foothold in our lungs.

For reasons not completely known, too many immune cells can be sent to the infection site. This happens when a particular type of molecule in the body, known as cytokines, activate the immune cells at the infection site and cause more immune cells to flood the site of infection. This propagates what is referred to as a cytokine storm where far too many immune cells are caught in an endless loop of calling more and more immune cells to fight the infection. The cytokine storm ends up inflaming the tissue surrounding the infection.

When the infection is in the lungs, severe inflammation caused by a cytokine storm can cause permanent lung damage. A prolonged cytokine storm will eventually shut down breathing altogether. Airducts get clogged and cells no longer properly absorb oxygen. This is what makes the cytokine storm so deadly in certain epidemic strains, such as bird flu. Even bronchitis, other varieties of influenza, pneumonia, sepsis and possibly rheumatoid arthritis are susceptible to triggering a cytokine storm.
What is the Cytokine Storm?

Now, how it applies to the H1N1 virus:
new swine flu variant whose victims are primarily young. Not only does this influenza A strain appear to be a previously unknown combination of bird, swine, and human genetic material, but the course of fatal illness caused by this bad actor seems to be marked by a 'cytokine storm' that leads to grave lung damage in those affected.
Denver Doc Online: Cytokine storm and the H1N1 swine flu virus

So this virus, based on the accepted theory, could hurt people with strong immune systems more than those with weak immune systems. From what I've seen on TV most people who have died were either old or already weak from other issues or both.

One problem I see with how the powers that be are handling the H1N1 virus is that most people who are being diagnosed with Swine Flu weren't diagnosed via lab testing. Because of this one has to ask the question, Swine flu has the same symptoms as the common flu...So how do we know for certain who really has it unless lab testing is done for each and every suspected case? I've read stories about doctors in the U.S. planning on diagnosing people over the phone. Am I the only one who thinks that's completely ridiculous?

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