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Originally Posted by eoraptor77 View Post
It's not ignorance it's indifference, in that why care about something i have no control or influence over and can in no way change.
The constant whinning is tied directly to where i am from, in fact Scottish people are famous for being whinners, dont confuse that with winners, unless of course your talking about curling.
I guess your still young and naive hoping to change the world for the better, the day will come for you also when you realise you have to look out for no.1 and become a sad whinning pessimist like myself, you've even taken the first steps without knowing it by becoming a follower of the Raptors.
What a sad perspective on life. Sorry.

If everyone had such motives, we wouldn't have had such great movements like the Scientific Revolution, the Enlightenment, the French and American Revolutions etc.

Too many people feel that they don't have power and that lies only in the hands of the few. But we're too complacent and lazy to actually do something about it. Frankly, living my life like a selfish drone is something that will never appeal to me.
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