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Originally Posted by thriller92 View Post
Too many people overreact on the Raptors board to a player who has a few bad games. First TJ last year after injury, Bosh, Humphries having 4 or 5 good games straight is now some sort of God, everyone calling Bargs a scrub, now Jamario? Not saying you're part of that kind of thinking cling because youre a good poster, it just gets tiresome with the overreactions especially since we're on the toughest streak of games we'll be on all year.

Jamario is still getting used to playing Calderon most of the time instead of Ford dont forget. I dont think its that his effort comes and goes, I think we should put him on the weakest offensive player and let him roam like AK does. You dont see UTA putting AK on Kobe and such. Moon was at his best when roaming and being around the basket, now Sam is putting him in the role of stopper and I dont think thats the best thing for his skillset, especially since hes so skinny. Hes good in some matchups vs other teams best players who are built like him, but besides that we should put him on other teams role players and let him roam and become the best on the boards he once was, specially with Bargs back in the lineup.
This is what I am enjoying about RF lately, lots of intelligent posts. Not that I agree with everything you say here, but it's well thought out. You're dead on with the overreaction thing, that is Toronto's nature, whether it is basketball, hockey, baseball, whatever. I'm not sure what it is, but let's hope that we aren't spreading that attitude to all of our international members.

With Jamario, I have to kind of defend Sam on this one (*gasp*). Sam has been playing Jamario as a stopper because that is how Jamario defined his game when he started getting more minutes. He was shutting down opposing teams' best players and also bringing energy and rebounds, so once it became a talking point in the media, Sam had to confirm that Jamario was going to play against those big players. I think now Jamario is getting a little too concerned with who he is up against and is overthinking his ability. He does need to roam a little more and use his athleticism to his benefit instead of trying to "lock down" on guys.

I've been a fan of Hump since he got here, simply because he does what he is told. As soon as he tries to turn his game into something it isn't (like when he starts taking jumpers), Sam sits his ass down and then Hump comes back with a decent game. I think for what the Raptors are paying him (remember, he just signed an extension too) and considering that we got him for Hoffa, you have to appreciate what he brings to the floor.

And another note...somebody said earlier that Delfino is the toughest Raptor on the court? Well, he takes a lot of charges, but that doesn't mean he's the toughest guy on the floor. I'll put TJ, Hump and Rasho ahead of Delfino. Nothing against Delfino, but I just have those guys ahead of him.
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