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Calderon. "I sacrificed myself for the raptors, I hope they do the same thing for me too".

The day after the news about Calderon giving TJ the starter job, the spaniard talked exclusively to Marca.com about what happend. And he makes some interesting relevations. "The Raptors proposed me to be the backup, it wasnt me", "I could have said no, or go crazy about it, but thats not my style","I think this doesnt change mi contract for the next year. It actually probably makes me a more expensive player". and theres more...

Sam Mitchell and Brian Colangelo call Calderon one hour before practice...

What happends there?
"There are somethings tha need to be cleared. They call me, and I aprecitate it, to talk about the teams bad playing. They know I like to give ideas in order to make things work and they think Im an important player for this team. We talk about whats going on and they ask me to give up the starting position to Tj. I tell them that no problem, and I agree that probably that can be good for the team. I think thats a good option and I accept it."

But you could have said no...
"Of course, or go crazy, but thats not my style. But anyway, that wouldnt have been the best thing for the team."

And when you leave the reunion, what?
"I consult Bosh and Parker, they tell me that if I think thats the best thing for the team, that go for it, they back me up."

Why them?
"One is the franchise player and the other one is the Co-Captain. I have a great relationship with both and I wanted to know if they backed me up. If they had told me something diferent, I wouldnt have said yes."

Do you think that if the same thing had been asked to Tj, he would have accepted it?
"Look, I dont know. Only thing I know this is going to be good for the team, that we are going to play the playoffs, and that we are going to be a winner team."

But Jose, you are playing with the contract of your life. (Now the spanish interviewer uses an expresion that means, that people may try to use him, because of his "nice nature".)
(laughing), This is a team game. You dont have to look at this as one player. Besides, I dont think that even if I play the worst games in my life now, my contract for next year is not going to change. In any case, it can even make me more expensive. But there are some values in this team that are more valuable than the money."

What do you expect to happend now?
"I think we are going to play better, because the second unit has improved now. You will see, everything is going to be positive."

I was talking about your contract....
"I sacrificed myself for this club, I expect them to do the same."

What did your teammates tell you?
I feel more respected now by them.

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