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Here's a really bad translation for babel fish. I assume equipment means team.


Calderón: "I have sacrificed itself by the Raptors, I hope that me they give back it"
a day after becoming the cession public of the position of titling that Jose Manuel Calderón had done to T.J. Ford, the frontier dweller spoke in exclusive right for Marca.com on the happened thing. And he makes revelations surprising: "the Raptors proposed to me to be substitute, I did not request I". "It could to me have denied or to have mounted a chicken, but that does not go with me". "I believe that to do this it does not change my contract for next year. In case, a more expensive player does to me ". And there is more...

He lacks one hour so that the training of the Raptors begins. Jose Manuel Calderón, who makes shot in solitaire, is called by Sam Mitchell and Bryan Colangelo to a meeting in the office of the trainer.

What happens there?
It is necessary to clarify some things. They call to me, and I thank for it, to speak on the bad march of the equipment. They know that I always contribute ideas so that everything works and think that I am an important player. We spoke over which it happens and they request to me that it resigns to be to title so that is it TJ. I say to them that without problems, that that, indeed, can be good for the equipment. I believe that it is a good option and for that reason acceptance.

But you could haberte denied.
Yes, or to mount a chicken, but that does not go with me. In addition, he would not be the best thing for the equipment.

And when salts of the meeting, what?
I consult with Chris Bosh and Anthony Parker. They say to me that if I believe that he is the best thing, than ahead, who are with me.

Why to them?
One is the player tax exemption and the other the Co-captain. With both I maintain a relation incredible and wanted to know if they supported to me. If they get to say something to me, she had not accepted it.

Think that if had been the other way around, if it is to Ford to that they had seted out it, would have accepted?
Sight, I do not know it. I only know that this is going to be good for the equipment, that we are going to enter playoffs and that we are going to be a winning equipment.

But Jose, you are gambling the contract of your life. And my mother says who is people who of pure good seem idiot...
(it is ed ***reflx mng) This is an equipment sport. It is not necessary to watch after one. In addition, I believe that it gives just as it plays the worse parties of my life of here that the season finishes, my contract of the year that comes is not going to change. In case, a more expensive player does to me. There are values in an equipment that are as important as the numbers.

What hope that happen now?
That we are going to play better, because the second unit is better, those than we left from the bench now we rendered just as if we left holders. Everything is going to be very positive, already you will see it.

I speak of your contract...
I have sacrificed itself by this club. I hope that they me give back it.

What have said your companions to you?
I feel more respected by them now.

The clothes of the Raptors seemed modélico and arrived the declarations from Chris Bosh asking its companions who more were decided quarter in the last...
That in clothes nor has commented. All we knew that that one was a problem. In the NBA that is seen of a different form, more normal. In this equipment all we appreciated and we respected to Chris and we know that he is our more important player.
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