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Sorry guys I just moved my say to this thread.

Well it was a great win last night. I had the priviledge to watch the game at ACC and was happy for our guys to see us take one from the Pistons. Jose Calderon some day will be a great Coach. The guy is always directing traffic on the court and always talking to coach Mitch. Even when Jose was on the court he was directing TJ were to go. The 2 best players last night were Rasho and Jose. Both these guys played good defence. If you don't see a Raptors game live you should go see one what a differance then watching on t.v.
The first half TJ was getting booed pretty good and when he missed that shot in the second quarter it got pretty ugly in my section. I thought TJ played very well and it was great to see. He seemed to be relaxed, I really believe TJ has a mental issue regarding starting and minutes played. Believe it or not TJ was very threatened by the play of Jose as a starter, this issue just made him play like a wild man. As a starter you will see TJ play more composed.Jose did not miss a beat coming off the bench he actually got us the big lead and he finally played the fourth quarter to solidify the big Win for us.
Finally I want to conclude that TJ must get some P.R. training. He is just brutal during interviews. Once again on the 590 TJ continues to put his foot in HIS mouth. In a game where even I enjoyed the improvement in play from TJ, TJ probably just got more fans to hate him. The reason why I say this is because at the end of the game Leo was interviewing Jose about giving up the starters role at center court. Jose just talked about making the team better. Jose is one of a kind and young players and NBA players should take notice. Anyway while Jose was getting the interview TJ was being interviewed on the radio.All TJ wanted to talk about was about Me J, HE talked about how he can dictate the flow of the game as a starter. TJ wake up dawg ,Jose dictated the game more then you did and he came off the bench. He also said when you come off the bench that you never know how many minutes you will get. TJ wake up dawg going to the starters role was not a promotion. Anyway TJ has alot of growing up to do . Can he be that stupid, or does he have a problem expressing himself. Like I stated earlier TJ needs to hire a P.R. guy.Everything that comes out of his mouth makes him sound like a selfish son of a bitch. Hopefully Jose can shake some sence into him because the boos that he heard last night will get louder regardless how he plays and for our team to play well we need all the raptor fans cheering for all our guys.
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