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Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post
You guys make me laugh.

Thi sain't peewee Soccer, it's professional Sports entertainment.

Fans don't owe players shit.

You're living in a sad little dreamworld of wonder if you're so caught up in your love for some schmuch becaus he can play a sport well that you get angry at people that Boo him.

Ya bunch of pansies. Y'all don't mind when they cheer. Why ya gotta cry like little children when they boo?

Thi sain't amateur sport, this is pro sports, it's ALL about money, and enterprise, and profit. If allowing fans to vent after work, and boo when a guy is sucking balls keeps his ass in the seats, then so be it. Think Ford gives a flyng fuck that they Boo?? Or do you think that these people payin ghis fucking salary booing tickle his ass pink everytime he cashes his paycheque.

Honeslty, you guys show a level of nievity on this subject I just can't swallow without ranting a little. It reminds me of Flea in "The Big Lebowski" when he whines "Its not fairrrr".

Suck it up.

Ps. Toronto fans, contrary to what is posted repeatedly, are some of the smartest and most critical around. I'd be a little more worried if all they did was nonsensically cheer like 8 year olds no matter the situation.

Ps. The booing started when the whining, and the selfish play, and the fucking baby tantrums started, not when he got hurt. He asked for it, he gets it.
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