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We have no system. The offence is a mess, our D is even worse.

On O, the last couple games I've noticed we have been even more forceful of running this play 50 times a game:

1. toss Bosh the ball in the high post
2. watch

Bosh has gotten so dangerous that he's almost always being double teamed, only unlike a double team on a power guy like Shaq in his prime, with Bosh they stick one guy on him, and one guy ahead of him to pick him up after Bosh beats his man.

The problem is that nobody else initiates their offense or puts pressure on the D aside from Bosh, TJ and Calderon, and our PG's have a tendency to play out of control and passive, respectively.

Bargnani IMO should get the ball exactly where Dirk does: 10-15 feet away, back probably to the basket initially, then read the D and his man and either drive, post up, or shoot over his man. Instead he plays a face up game where he's always outside the 3 point line. Our team could learn a lesson from 80's and especially 70's teams who ignored the 3 point line (or in the case of the 70's there was no 3 point line) and got better position closer to the basket.


Then on D we're just fucked. Nobody trusts anyone; Bosh has always been a pylon but at least he used to be good at helpside D, whereas now nobody protects the paint and when we play man-to-man we just get killed by teams that move the ball and/or create penetration off the dribble or cut and screen a lot.
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