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Originally Posted by halphbreedballer View Post
Do we have any money left?

Where is this team at money wise? and what kind of moves can actually be made I'm a little confused...People in here are saying that we can sign and trade Marion but if we can sign him then why don't we keep him???

Who can we get for Marion?
Not much...At least thats what the market is saying right now no one wants him.

Can we still sign Pops? or Delfino?

Why are we left with so little money if Marions contract was 17million+ & Joey's was almost 3 million & Parker was more than 4.5mill Even Douby was makin 1.4 Million.Why is there such a large gap of money missing if we are only going to use 10+million to sign Hedo? (is there something I'm missing?)

There is like more than 10 million dollars un accounted for, did the cap kill our money some how?

Does anyone have a straight answer? or actual online info that says what we can or can't do?
Cap $58Mil. Tax Level is $71 Mil.

Cap space - $0
Tax level space - $25 Mil

Above cap can only sign free agents they have rights to (Marion, Delfino, AP) unless they use various cap exceptions like MLE (5.8Mil)

To sign Hedu they need to create cap space. They do that by droping their rights to sign Marion Delfino AP and about 5 others and they lose the MLE.

So it's sign Marion and keep rights to other players to build up the bench or sign Hedu and the bench gets filled with players willing to work for $1 mil so the bench really really sucks.

S&T of Marion for Hedu would allow them to keep rights to AP, Delfino, etc.

S&T of Marion to any other team doesn't help very much as they can't get players back, only draft picks and trade exceptions. If they get back players it'll block the Hedu signing.

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