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is pounding the rock!

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Originally Posted by Dr. J. Naismith View Post
Where do you think he'll have the better opportunity to help his team though? Knowing he can't the hit broad side of a barn with his shot, even if he doesn't make the it when he attacks the hoop, he still takes the opportunity to draw a foul and possibly get to the free throw line. I like those chances alot better than taking a wide open shot knowing its Jamario taking it. Seeing how he's probably our best rebounder too, shooting the three pointer or jumper is a crapshoot especially knowing the lack of rebounding we have and the fact that he's pretty much taken himself out from having the ability to get the offensive board too.

I'm just saying though, Jamario know his strengths and weaknesses by now. He's played pretty much the entire season for more than adaquate minutes, so its not like he's still trying to get a feel for his game. Mentally is where he still needs to mature, because physically and athletically he's already there in my opinion.
hmmm ... if the defender gives you space and you go to the rim, it's more easy that you get a charge foul ( defender has more time to place his body in your way) that he gets a blocking foul.

I agree with you that Jamario is more important on the glass than at the perimeter, but I think Jamario is doing what he's said: spread the court. He cannot be at 2 places at the same time.

My point here is that Moon isn't the unique guilty. At least the guy knowing that he isn't a good shooter has the enough rocks to shoot it when he has to (although he fails, all those shots were open). Maybe our team knowing what the other teams are gonna do at the final minutes ( defend the good shooters and let the bad ones shoot) would have to create different plays.

These Moon's shots are the consequence of the bad play, no the motive. JMO.

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