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Well, i watched the whole game except for the last bit in the fourth quarter from when Sam took Martin out of the game. A move like most of you think came a few possesions too late. Sucks too becuase for the most part, the Raptors played a hell of a game.

I said it at the start of the season, and i'll reiterate it again, Darrick Martin is the worst player in the NBA. I don't even know why Colangelo has him on the roster. It would be wise to release him and just bring in a young unsigned player with speed who knows how to pass. Anyone. please!!!

Hell of an offensive game from Kapono last night. I'm liking him more and more. Great to see Parker come up big too.

Now onto Bargnani.... What the hell is Gino doing out there?! It baffles the mind to see how shitty he is on the boards. He has the worst rebounding instincts for anyone his size in the league. You'd think after watching Hump/Bosh/Delfino bust their asses on the boards he would learn that it's all about positioning, hustle and blocking out the oposition to get the rebound. He's just awful and very unreliable when there is a rebound up for grabs. It's like the ball has to fall into his arms for any success... I'm getting very dissapointed in him. You can't fault Mitchell because he does give him ample playing time considering how shitty he's been. very frustrating.

As for Portland - credit their offense for this win. Aldridge came out sharp especially after five games off. And Roy is a playah. That one drive where he switched hands in mid air was beautiful. And his outside shooting is pretty deadly too. Kind of wish Colangelo chose a little differently on draft night? just saying.

I really want Andrea to succeed. I like the guy a lot, and last year i was thinking the sky was the limit. Now, i'm not sure at all.
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