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hahahaha, it does come in waves eh ACie... its like you're pregnant and are having contractions....

i have a similar story, but it wasnt me, it was my friend who it happened to.... although it involved me.

me and my friend were walking home from highschool and it hit him... badly. we were about 10 minutes from my house and he was in major pain... he got to the point where he couldnt walk, he said he would explode in his pants if he moved. i looked up and noticed we were standing right outside the house of this girl i had a MAJOR crush on...
my friend didnt know her, but i did, and he begged me to ask if he could use her toilet... i was so embarrased, i didnt want to have to do it... but looking at my friends face, i knew he only had seconds before liftoff.
i ran up to her house and rang the doorbell... she answered and looked so good... i turned red.
i asked her if my friend could use her bathroom; it was an emergency... she was like "uh, ya i guess he..." and before she could finish her sentance he pushed her out of the way and ran into her home... he jumped into the bathroom and slammed the door shut.
i was so embarrased...
we started making small talk... i was really nervous cause i liked her so much and never really said much to her other than hi and bye...
just as it got awkwardly silent, the sounds of farts and plops filled the room.... my buddy began ripping diarrhea farts and splashes! i almost died from embarrasment... she kind of made a funny/disgusted face and i tried to talk loud to cover up the fart noises...
by the end my buddy lets out a big "ahhhhhhhhhh oh yeahhhh", and i dont know whether to run out of the house in embarrasment or laugh my ass off.
i chose the latter and began laughing histerically.
he finished up and opened the door to me laughing and her disgusted... just as i started calming down, he thanked her and the fumes came out of that bathroom with enough power to kill an elderly person... it was like a can of mustard gas exploded in there... i ran out of the house and my buddy strolled out like he just killed a lion.
during my scramble to get air, i heard her say something like "oh my god!!!", by the time i caught my breath and went back to say bye, she slammed the door and i couldnt redeem myself...
needless to say we never ended up getting together...
but whatever. it was funny.
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