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that's because it's a good argument.

i don't want to travel to several different shops to get products at different price points. that's senseless. the product delivery is good, and the 'overpriced' comment is plain wrong. in a sense, i suppose, all booze in ontario is over-priced, but that's a matter of taxation and thus a different issue (which we could also discuss). as for paying more for the premium products, that's no different than any other product - cars, food, houses, fertilizer - things that are craft-produced with an attention to detail, tradition and standards tend to cost more. i pay that for booze and food because i think the marginal utility is worth it. i don't for cars becasue i don't really care what i drive as long as it works and gets me where i need to go.

but this is all beside the point. the revenue for our gov't is a good thing because it pays for public expenditures that we all enjoy. i like taxes, and i like my gov't making money. it's how they spend it that i have more of an argument with. on top of this, the monopoly ensures better control of a substance that i think should be controlled. i think that's a good thing.

and they deliver excellent service and a great product. how could the lcbo possibly be classified as a shithole just because you wish there was a depanneur shelling out crap for cheap at the end of your block?
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