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Originally Posted by RAPMAN View Post
The guy had a mid randge game, but he can't dribble, and the poor scores in speed & lateral quickness questions his ability to become a quality defender.
I don't disagree with you totally RAPMAN, I like agility. However, I can use a bit of a comparison. I knew a guy when I played that had very average agility laterally. He had great leaps for a 2 guard which really made him dangerous as a rebounder offside and offensively, and he made up with it with smarts. This guy eneded up being one of the most effective +/- guys on his team, even though he would get owned one on one here and there.

Here's the kicker, he was also a 3 point threat, but not a specialist by any means. His real game was the mid range, 10-17 foot out. Because of this, he was very difficult to handle because although he wasn't gonna knock down 3's all night long, he would burn you when you didn't need it so you had to respect it, if you didn't, you might be ok, but he wasn't horrible, he was average, so he could potentially hit three straight and win a game in the 3rd on you. Now, his mid range, which nobody really seemed to care about, was what really killed teams because you absolutely had to help on defence. He might not have been the quickest, but he was a player, he knew how to get a step on guys and did, and when he did his ablity to hit the mid range shot, which is an absolutely LOST ART in todays game, killed teams. High percentage J's, which opened up easy littel dump ins to his bigs when help came.

Basically, a lot like Derozans game.

Although I like what RAPMAN is saying, I defineately like fast guys, there are many super fast athletic guys that don't amount to shite in the NBA, and plenty of very slow, yet amazing swing guys who absolutely kill guys with thier ability to hit the mid range and find guys when help comes.

For me, tjhis is exactly what makes Derozan such a tough call, I want to believe he can be this guy I am describing, but what if he isn't, what if all he ends up being....is slow. Then agaion, what if Curry just ends up being....short. and Blair just ends up being.....fat. And so on and so forth.

Ain't the Draft grand??????
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