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Ok, we all know the real problems with this team lie on the defensive end of the floor, right?

I mean, we could talk all we want about Ford hogging the ball, and I'd be the first to demand him being summarily executed for that, but the biggest issues BC will face this summer have to do with defence.

He signed Kapono last off-season, and many of us have criticized the move mainly because it didn't improve the team defesively. Delfino was supposed to be helpful in that respect, but is not nearly consistent enough to be counted on to stop people every single night. Ditto for Moon, whose unwillingness to drive to the hoop is only superceded by his ability to let people drive by him. Blocks or no blocks, that just shouldn't happen this often!

In short, the Raps as currently constructed are, quite likely, the worst defensive team in the league. We feature so many horrible individual defenders that, combined with our coaches' inability to institute a decent defensive system to cover individual weaknessess, spells doom to any hopes of this unit growing into contenders.

As such, BC will do some serious cleanup this summer. He has to make decisions with regards to Rasho, Ford, Calderon, Delfino, Graham, Baston, Martin, Brezec - some should be let go, others could be used as a trade material because of other teams' needs or the expiring contracts - but the end result MUST be an improved team defence, no matter what.

A trade that I've come up with last night, probably out of sheer despair after watching that "game" - Ford going back home to Houston for Battier. Yes, we'd have to take the filler from Rox (or maybe construct a bigger deal), but we'd get back another glue guy and a solid defender while shipping out a malcontent. We'd also need to find a more athletic two who is capable of beating his man off the dribble and defending his position better than Parker. And, probably the most painful decision of all - BC will possibly have to make a call on Bargnani-Bosh frontcourt experiment. I pray that Bargs gets another year to improve and show his growth, but right now, that pairing looks quite horrible to anyone who've observed the team this season.

In short - get ready for a wild off-season, folks.
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