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Default Do you want to hear what Chuck had to say ?

Well my raptor friends I sent an email letter to the man Chuck Swirsky. I was very surprised to see that he returned an email back to me regarding my question. I will copy my email and paste it below for everyones perusal. Please feel free to respond to what you think he said. " SWAN " Fire away my friend you will be surprised to hear what he had to say.

Hi Chuck,

I really enjoy your play by play on t.v.You are by far my favourite when it comes to listening and watching the game on t.v.
I have been a raptor fan right from the beginning and I am seeing for the first time a player like TJ Ford bring down our team. He is more of a cancer then Carter was at the tale end of his stay in Toronto. Boards everywhere want TJ out of Toronto. His selfish play is destroying our team chemistry. How does a guy like Jose Calderon who was on the verge of making the all star team become second fiddle to such a selfish player. I don't get it, this 2 point senerio looks like its ready to explode and I am really afraid that we will lose Jose in the summer because of this.I also follow hockey, teams that have 2 number 1 goalies have trouble, one of the 2 usually end up leaving. Jose is the better fit and TJ is a selfish little player. We as fans see the I attitude in TJ. It seems that the raptor media is playing it down, I am not sure whether its because the Raptors are their employers therefore no negative talk is allowed. I send you this email maybe you can help me understand why such a selfish player like TJ is now getting more minutes then Jose when all TJ is done has created chaos on our team.

Hope to hear from you, I value your opinion,

Always a pleasure,

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