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Default Simmons: Gasol to the Raps, Bargs to the Grizz?

Pure fantasy talk right now, but Simmons does an article on Page 2 with ESPN regarding the upcoming "trade season" and players values. Some pretty funny stuff, but the most notable one is what he proposed between the Raptors and Grizz.

Git'r done BC.

Originally Posted by Bill Simmons
A logical trade candidate considering his salary ($63.3 million over the next four years), his struggle to adjust to the Marc Iavaroni Era (ongoing) and his pedigree (only 27, he's one of the few low-post scorers who commands a double team). So, I'm about to unveil the most logical trade for him. It's so fantastic, you're going to need to walk outside and get some fresh air after you read it. That's how good it is. Ready? Here's the trade:

Gasol and Juan Carlos Navarro for Bargnani, Rasho Nesterovic's expiring deal, an unprotected 2008 No. 1 and $3 million.

The Grizzlies save a boatload of money and rebuild around kids (Bargnani, Gay, Mike Conley Jr., Mike Miller, Kyle Lowry and Darko Milicic) and cap space galore for their inevitable relocation to wherever the hell they're moving some day. And not only does Toronto jump a level in the East, it reunites Gasol and Navarro with Spanish countrymen Calderon and Jorge Garbajosa. Bryan Colangelo wanted to build the ultimate FIBA team -- well, what's better than getting the nucleus of the 2007 Spanish team that won the World Championships, even if one of them is out for the year (Garbajosa)? Tell me which team doesn't make that trade. You can't. That's why I'm the Picasso of the NBA Trade Machine.
Other notable comments:

Originally Posted by Bill Simmons
Andrea Bargnani

Didn't you expect him to be further along this season? What happened? We're three more uninspiring months away from lowering his ceiling from "maybe the next Dirk Nowitzki" to "a fiestier and slightly more talented Memo Okur, only if Okur could make his own marinara sauce."
Originally Posted by Bill Simmons
Jose Calderon: How do you say "fantasy stampede" in Spanish? El stampedio de fantasia? Calderon's monster stretch of starts after two separate T.J. Ford injuries recently (10 games, 107 assists and 15 turnovers until a subpar game against Boston on Sunday) makes him a summer free-agent target for anyone who wants to emulate Phoenix's run-and-gun offense. It also opens the door for a very logical question: Why the hell was Jose Calderon backing up T.J. Ford???
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