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Default is TJ really to blame? or is it really Smitch?

guys, we've been picking on TJ for the last little while...
and while i've been riding shotgun on the TJ bashing side, i started thinking last night that he may not really be the one to fully blame.
sure, he is playing like he thinks his name is Lebron James, but when it all comes down to it, Sam is not doing anything about it.

Sam seems to be "letting" TJ do this nonsense and doesnt even show any care in the world about it.
Sam's given him the keys to the car and looks to have turned a blind eye towards TJ's selfish play.
he's giving TJ more minutes than Jose... he's giving TJ the PG minutes during the final stretch's of the game, and letting him go wild.

the game was tied with about 5:30 left on the clock and it turned into TJ time.
for about 2 minutes TJ took all our shot attempts... some decent looks, but the majority were out of control..fadeaway..impossible shots.
for anyone with a PVR, watch the game at the 5 minute mark; there was a possession where TJ brought the ball up, dribbled it for 20 seconds, waited till there was 4 seconds left on the clock and hoisted up a 3 point bomb (with a defender in his grill)... obviously it missed.
sam didnt even say a word.
anyone on the team does this; they would get an earful. TJ ford does this, and sam just stares into space.

what im getting at is that TJ isnt even being punished for what he's doing out there.. in fact, he probably has no clue that he's hurting this team... he has no clue that he's hogging the ball, and making terrible choices... he is not being punished for any of his actions.
while TJ is rightfully getting bashed by the fans, Sam is just as accountable.

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