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I do sort of fear these pandemics. I mean I would like to believe science could find a fix for this, but they haven't for cancer and HIV. My guess is that this will eventually blow over though and that the media freak-out is predictably overblown. I try not to fear death and understand you can't stop a chance accident or whatever if it happens, but that holds true because most of these things are very unlikely. (adding to the other closest to death stories in this thread, when I was 8 I fell backwards off the rails of an elevated staircase and did a full backflip and landed on my feet... I don't think I'd be paralyzed if I landed on my back, but say directly on my head, I'm probably not typing this. I also fell out of a car during a u turn when I was 5.)

If a global pandemic eats humanity within the next 100 years... well that would just be unlucky. IMO as soon as people start self-sufficing in space isolated from each other then humanity will basically be immortal, barring the universe snapping in on itself or Space Hitler creating a universe nuke. We won't live forever if we stay on Earth, but if it ends up there's at least a number of ships floating around light years from each other out there in the universe, again unless the entire universe is destroyed there's basically no chance of a catastrophe or pandemic eliminating them all in a single blow like it can with everyone on Earth.

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