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Most people with 60+% win percentages are cheesers. Not saying youre one but really, you play any random person online, Id say 98% of the time Ive played a random theyre a cheeser.

Cheeser meaning they just use the superstar every single play(have no concept of how to play basketball, just try and win even if it means scoring every single point by dunking or layups), hold turbo, drive into defenders until they can go around or threw them even if they get pushed back kieep trying until you get to the basket, and pump fake 10 times udner the rim until you jump etc, and exploit the games problems(collision sensitivity, morphing, no fatigue for holding turbo etc). Unless youre playing someone online that you know its terrible.

And on top of that like someone already mentioned, the online gameplay speed isnt anywhere near offline in playing the CPU. You have to hold the shooting button differently, same with rebounding, the timing is all off because of the lag. And if you want to play 5 on 5? No chance. The server is fucked.

2K9 is a great game with the right sliders offline, but online its just a mess. They promised 5 on 5 team up and its never come to fruition. You cant put out promises and features and give what 2k did. You play any other game, like call of duty for example, online and it plays just like it does if youre just doing missions off of it, and online on that game can hold up to 18 people. Why is that server so much better? 2k needs to get their shit together before Live figures out how to fix their gameplay and catches up to them.
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