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Originally Posted by Jay View Post
Three things hurt Jose today.

1. His inability to match Rondo's speed (this is what I have been talking about with TJ owning Rondo...he can match Rondo's speed on D and he's faster than him on the other end);

2. I don't know why he has been leaving his feet so often on his passes, he's putting himself in bad situations, looking for an escape route that often isn't there;

3. He needs to stop wiping out or going down looking for a foul. When you're a European player, the refs are going to be quick to label you as a "flopper" or "diver", somebody looking for fouls. Until he stays on his feet on a more regular basis and stops yapping about fouls, he isn't going to get the calls he deserves.
Hey Jay the biggest thing that hurt Jose was not the speed of Rondo. Calderon's strength became his weakness in the game. Rondo is not a very good defender and Calderon did not take advantage. Calderon's strength is to move the ball and the Celtics defended against the pass. When Calderon wanted to be the scorer he was effective however he did not attack the basket very often. Jose must learn to be a little "team selfish" attacking the basket and finishing instead of dishing. Jose is the smartest point guard we have and I am sure he will learn from this game. He is turning into one of the best shooting point guards in the league. His d is not as bad as it looks, it was team d that hurt us. Rondo got alot of open looks yesterday because if you watched the rapts d they would double team down low, it was Jose many times that would drop down and provide the double team only for a celtic player to kick it out to RONDO. To the basketball eye it seemed that the game plan was for Rondo to be shooter and don't let the big 2 beat you. Mitch sets up the plan on how to defend,the stragety just didn't work mitch will learn from this... we must come up with a better team d to beat this club. Having 1 or 2 good defenders on the floor will not win you games. It's all about playing good team d and it all boils down on understanding the opposition weakest, setting up an effective plan and finally execution.
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