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Originally Posted by Snooch View Post
Do you even read the stats I post?

Randolph is not above Bosh in either offensive rating or defensive rating or roland rating.

Randolph has a negative 1 for a net offensive defensive rating. In case you didnt understand that means its bad.

Kobe went to the finals last season without Shaq. And comparing a team in the playoffs in the west to a team in the east isnt a fair comparison. In the west a 50 win team might not make the playoffs, in the east a 50 win team will have home court advantage.

I really cant beleive you are trying to compare Bosh to Kobe. Thats is just a brutal, terrible comparison. Kobe wil go down as one of the best players in the history of the game.
I was being sarcastic in my post about Randolph's stats. It's because you had Maxiel as 3rd rated offensive player and had everyone moved up or down to 36 mins per game which is ******ed. Ur stats were backed up only by a guy who says Wade is better than Jordan

Kobe went to the finals with Shaq. did nothing without shaq in the next few years.. and then got ANOTHER ALL-STAR in gasol to make the finals... HMMM 2 all-stars really makes the difference eh? ALL this time being coached by PHIL JACKSON!!! maybe the greatest coach of all time? How many times have you seen the Triano bashing on this site.. HMMM.. maybe coaching makes a difference too?

and if you read this "I'm not saying Bosh is as good as kobe.. but Kobe couldn't do ANYTHING in the playoffs without another all-star either" ... which is what i posted earlier... I'm not comparing Bosh to Kobe. But he can't do anything without another all-star either.

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