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Originally Posted by pimpery View Post

Retarded is something i say, its a real word in the english language as far as i know , i could be wrong im not claiming to be the most sophisicated poster im just getting my point across, if some1 in your family is "mentally challenged" or w/e and your talking offense to me using a word me and my friends commonly use, thats really not my problem its yours, its a real word stemming from classical music "retard" which means to slow down.
This is exactly the kind of attitude that perpetuates barriers to inclusion for people with developmental disabilities. You use 'retarded' when you mean dumb or stupid. This is what is offensive. It's not 'just a word you use', it's a negative label that hurts those that already face enough problems integrating with society. It's my problem, and it's your problem (that's why I called you a goof).

When you say it's a real word, you're both right and wrong. It's real alright, but it's a slur, just like nigger or gook. In this case it refers to a disability, not race. Is it OK to call someone a quad? No. Same for 'retard'.

The relationship to slow is accurate (in french en retard means 'late'), but that's the point. Is that how you would want to be described if you had a disability like autism? Slow and stupid? I thought not. Slow is not accurate, it's demeaning, and it contributes to an attitude in our society that puts people down who are already dealing with plenty of issues.

So yes, it offends me, and I'd prefer if you thought about the effects of what you say, think and post, and kept your juvenile slurs out of this forum.

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