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Originally Posted by pimpery
i mean for real, i know u all think kobe should get it, but Lebron is more valuable to that crappy team then Kobe is to the Lakers, if you put the lakers sans Kobe in the east i bet they would still be a playoff team, i think if you took James away from the Cav's they would be one of the worst teams in the league. Not to mention he averages more pts, boards, assists then kobe and is doing more with less.

As for Lebron not making ppl better like Kobe does? I think the most glaring difference in there games is passing, Lebron is a much better passer then Kobe and averages two more dimes a game then him.
Kobe deserves the MVP award 100% this year.
You cannot possibly say that the Lakers are a playoff team without Kobe.
That is nonsense.

What team did Gasol come from? Was it the Grizzlies? Yes yes I do think so. And what place were the Grizzlies in before Gasol got traded? They were a horrible team. Yet Gasol had "arguably" better pieces (Gay/Miller) around him than Kobe did in LA before Gasol arrived in Los Angeles. So what makes you think that the Lakers would still be a playoff team without Kobe? Gasol is NOT a primary star, but he is the perfect secondary star.

Do you understand what I'm trying to get at? Kobe makes Gasol a much better , and more effective player than he would be without Kobe. Kobe makes players like Bynum, Farmar, Fisher, Vujacic, better players than they actually are. It might not show by his assist numbers, but remember that the Lakers run a triangle offense. If Lebron played in the triangle offense, I guarantee you that he won't average the same amount of assists as he does right now.

The triangle offense is much more different than the Iso's run for Lebron in Cleveland.

The "Lebron iso's" that are run give Lebron the chance to face his man 1 vs. 1. He has the option of shooting, driving, and passing. He runs the show. He is nearly impossible to stop 1 vs 1, so that is when he scores. When defenses collapse on Lebron, he simply kicks it out to the open man, who drains the shot, and he records an assist. That is Cleveland's whole offense.

In LA it is different, because the triangle offense doesn't allow Kobe to 'rack' up the same number of assists as Lebron does.

Remember, last year, they were regarded as an NBDL team without Kobe. They were a much worse team than the current Cavaliers. Yet Kobe made it into the post-season with a respectable record in the WESTERN CONFERENCE. He had SMUSH PARKER and KWAME BROWN starting alongside him! Shouldn't Kobe have won MVP last year and the year before because his team was so shit?

Now that players like Bynum, Vujacic, Farmar, etc. have ALL stepped up their games this season, and with the addition of Pau Gasol, guess what? The Lakers are the best team in the league! "But no, Kobe does not deserve MVP this season because his team is "too good"". Kobe finally has the pieces to win, and he is WINNING!! The number one criteria for an MVP is if he is able to WIN, which is what it all comes down to. Kobe is able to WIN. Lebron's team would not be in the post-season if he was in the Western conference, simple as that.
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