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Default Dunk contest regresses...

After last year's 'resurgence' of the dunk in which a truly entertaining but still physically awe inspiring performance was given by at least one of the league's young stars..this year's show was boring. I've thought in recent years too much attention was paid to props and not enough to dunking. I dont' mind Howard wearing a cape while he does something astounding but when the prop becomes the dunk, like the cupcake charade by Green...the line has been crossed.

Well from what I saw, while i could stand it this year...things have gotten worse, and I found someone that agrees with me

"Dunk Contest Death Knell: I can't explain what made Saturday's dunk contest so singularly dull. Maybe it was the fact that, from the beginning, all anyone wanted to talk about was Dwight Howard's pre-ordained victory. Maybe I'm sick of Nate Robinson getting scored on a curve because he's short (as Howard is sometimes, because he's tall). Maybe the props are too campy, and the required teammate participation too often turns it into a passing contest.

Or maybe it was that, when Howard finally got a chance to dunk on a 12-foot rim—a much-hyped plan that the NBA refused to allow in 2007—the result was decidely anticlimactic. Or that on two dunks, Robinson used some form of human vault.

Last year was hailed as a triumph for Howard and the NBA, but in retrospect it mostly just served as a marketing tool for the Magic superstar. Too much "imagination" and paegantry takes the event miles away from the raw act of dunking; handicapping for the very big and very small has reached the point where one friend suggested only swingmen be allowed to participate. This year, we saw a cartoon starring two of the league's biggest goofballs: an impromptu sneaker ad for the two of them, rock bottom as far as competition and intensity are concerned.

That might be why LeBron James tentatively agreed to throw his name into the hat for 2010: He can ham it up with the best of them, but more important, LeBron could truly save the contest by bringing it back to its roots. James throwing down a tomahawk on a raised goal (that's one prop I don't mind) would cause outright pandemonium."

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