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Originally Posted by Ugo Ferst View Post
lol im sorry bro, u still believe that?? You seriously think any natural LW in the world can gain 75 pounds and be competitive at an elite level? lol its really funny bro, you should train some MMA and get a better understanding of what that kind of weight difference really means. For example ive taken Muay Thai and BJJ for about 7 years now, im pretty skilled and ive had a few amatuer matches and alot of fucking around in the gym matches. Im much more skilled technically then my friend who is just a flat out Greco roman wrestler. But he is a legit 265 and im 165-170, besides getting a lucky flash KO i really dont see a way i could beat him, the weight and strength and athletism make up for lesser skill. That's what a guy like Lesnar has going for him (BTW Lesnar would beatdown BJ aswell and his career would be over). Imagine my friend was actually very skilled like Fedor, a Sambo champion, a wrestling freak and great at subs.

Honestly, im glad to see alot of fans of MMA and the sport growing, but too many make ridiculous statements like they are superheroes. BJJ couldnt come close to beating any top 10 HW in the world, gaining weight, or stayiung at hius own, he will either get smashed because he would be too slow at 225 or smashed because his reach would be awful, he power which is great at his level would be much below average for a HW.

He very well may be a top p4p, but that doesnt mean he can literally move up and beat every top p4p. Fedor would crush all the lighter fighters, including GSP and Silva, there's a reason they have weight classes, hell, BJ couldnt even beat Machida in an openweight Pride fight, and you have him challenging Fedor.

Anyways, i wont bring it up again, iu was kidding with ya, and i hope you dont take this as a personal attack, i just disagree very strongly to the point of not even believing you believe what you are saying.
I agree 100%.

I'd still put Fedor as a heavy favourite against most of the good LHWs out there.... he's THAT devestating.

Brock is the best example that you can see right now of what superior size (combined with good athleticism) can do for a fighter. If he was about 40 lbs. lighter I seriously doubt that he'd have beaten Couture.

Penn is a great, great Lightweight fighter. He should stay there.
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