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yeah - here's my post from December 18th (OK so it wasn't "early" december):

Yesterday i had one of those "moments".

I have accepted that this team isn't going to do anything this year. They aren't going past the first round. I don't even think we'll make the playoffs. While some of you will say that was obvious some time ago, i was holding out a little hope that we were just in a slump - but now i just don't think so anymore.

It is what it is.

and in realising this, i will no longer get overly upset with losses anymore. Sure i'll bitch and complain when i will feel it's warranted, but no longer will i expect this team to win most of it's games. It's asking too much.

This squad really reminds me of the Bucks in that both teams have some very good players with a lot of individual talent, but they can never really get it together and play well as a team. We are seeing the exact same thing here. Add that with a coach, who although may have a vision of what he wants to do, just is not the guy we need for this team right now.

There are just too many flaws with this team as a whole, but there are also too many flaws in individual players who we maybe thought too highly of in the past.

I sorta feel a little bad for Oneal as he really isn't part of the problem on the court, but then again his contract is essentially problematic for any team he's part of, so i won't cry for him as his cheques are being direct depositted into his account.

Anyways, I'm pretty sure Colangelo sees the defficencies that we all do and i think we're going to have to ride out this year as it is now. Maybe some movements here and there, but if you think they will make us better this year, then i think you'll be dissapointed. I'm pretty sure BC is looking towards the future at this point.

So let's look forward to Roko improving, Joey becoming more consistant, and seeing what Jawai has to offer.
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