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My personal opinion on Bargs is that it might be better for the Raptors long-term if he stays a 15 ppg player who comes off the bench and has the ability to go for 25 on any given night.

Now my theory on that I could discuss for a while, but I am primarily of the opinion that we cannot win a championship without a big center who can get 10+ rebounds a game and guard the paint. Nobody has won a chip without the big rebounder, and by nobody, I mean it. Going back twenty years, you've got Duncan, Ben Wallace, Shaq, Rodman, Hakeem, Kareem, Parish, Malone, etc. (I'm not too familiar with the late 80s Pistons, I assume Rodman may have been the guy there too). Now you can make the argument that Bargnani could be the type of player we haven't seen before and therefore comparisons are not valid, but I truly believe that with Bargs as our starting C, our interior d and rebounding will never be good enough to go all the way. And I assumed that if he "pans out" and becomes a 20/6 player, he would be our starter without doubt.

Here's what I think the Raptors manifest destiny is: Jose, Bosh, and a big 10+ rebounding defensive center as the starters, TJ and 15 ppg Bargs off the bench lighting it up, providing one of the best secondary 1-2 punches in the league. Now THAT team has a chance to win a championship, assuming Colangelo would fill in the rest of the pieces appropriately. The only question is, where to get that center.

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