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I hate MMA scoring, takedowns that do nothing and lay and pray techniques garner too many points. I love GSP, he is in my top 5 of fighters, and i dont really like BJ, just cuz his personality rubs me the wrong way. But..... BJ won that 1st fight.

BJ is prob the best boxer in all of MMA, he trains with legendary boxing trainer Freddy Roach who thinks BJ could be a world champion Boxer if he put his efforts there. Put it this way, his jab has KO power. He also may be the most flexible fighter in history, his legs are like rubber, he is basically impossible to submit and he has a butterfly guard that is so difficult to deal with. He is a BJJ master, black belt, not many better then him (tho there are a few). Most importantly, he is flat out tough, he loves to exchange and has an ego the size of MJ himself, which i think helps great athletes fight thru pain etc

GSP is the MUCH better conditioned athlete, he always comes in phenominal shape and has one of the best camps out there (team Jackson) and as another poster alluded to, trains with some of the best in the world. His wrestling may be the best in all of MMA (which is funny because he doesnt come from a wrestling background, but routinely has outwrestled olympic calibre wrestlers like Matt Hughes), his striking is crisp, and tho not as powerful as BJ, i would give a slight speed advantage, he has amazing punch/kick/punch/takedown combo's. His chin can be considered somewhat suspect, as the TKO to the hands of the not so famous for his hands Matt Serra can attest to. He has sometimes seemingly taken opponents too lightly (as he said he did with BJ the 1st fight), guaranteed that isnt happening this time.

Verdict- I hate giving a lame verdict, this fight is so close, i really dont know (but im hoping for GSP), if it ends in the 1st half of the fight, BJ will have his hand raised, and George will be looking up at the lights.

If it ends in the 2nd half, it's either GSP's cardio that outlasted BJ and a ground n pound KO, or more likely a solid decision victory, dominating BJ the last 2 rounds (KOing BJ is a very hard thing to do, exchanging with him is ALWAYS dangerous).

For the non-hardcore MMA fans, this fight is LEGENDARY!!! But dont, dont, DONT!!!! miss out on the Machida vs Silva fight!!! Both guys are 13-0 and contenders in the toughest division in all of MMA (UFC Lightheavyweight division is STACKED). Machida is sometimes hated for his seeming to run away and wait for a mistake style, but he is DEADLY, he has beaten BJ Penn and Rich Franklin in the past (tho not in the UFC). Silva is a BJJ master, but also a ground and pound murderer (the best since Tito Ortiz in his prime imo), im really pulling hard for Thaigo Silva, if he wins, it will be in brutal fashion, but i wouldnt be shocked to see Machida run a bit, counterpunch, catch Silva and end it.

Exciting card!! Those 2 fights alone could be main events on any card, in any organization.

Also, Diaz is going to destroy Guida, book it!
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