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Originally Posted by DemonSamuraiZero View Post
Okay, If you take away Howard's dunk and hookshot, what else does he have?

We all know Howard can shoot even when his life depends on it, and plus he doesn't have to do all the scoring. He has Hedo, Lewis and Nelson, who can take the scoring load off, so he can focus on defense.

Bosh has his Mid-range jumper, and he can attack to the rim.

The only difference is the defense.

And what Gurk said we overlooked Bosh, we expect him to hit every buzzer, trade him when he has a bad game, PICKING bargs's 15 game streak over Bosh has done for us.

I get pissed off how much bi-polar Raptors fans are, you guys were throwing Bargs under the bus during his nov/dec streak. Now he gain some confidence, you guys are throwing Chris under the bus.
Take away? Why take it away, thats what makes him so dominant and ORL so good.

Take away Shaqs frame and footwork and what do you have?

Take away each teams best player and what do you have?

Who cares.

Dwight dominates on offence and on the boards(still has to work on his D), and his impact on the game is MUCH bigger than Boshs atm. How can Bosh become a better player and have more impact on the game?

1. Stop holding the ball on offence so much. Howard is so effective because of the work he puts in before the catch. He rarely takes more than 3 seconds to get into his shot. Bosh needs to learn from him and attack quicker so the D cant gang in on him. See the last shot of the 2nd qtr in yesterdays game to see what I'm talking about. Leads me to believe he has low bball IQ.

2. Be aggressive the entire game on defence instead of just the 4th qtr.

3. BC getting better players around him

Howards skill level has increased every year with more moves in his repetoire every season. There isnt much you can complain about with him besides his individual D sometimes.
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