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i'm less concerned with the thought of Bosh leaving than the belief that trying to get to where the team wants to be by shuffling much less desirable players has a low chance of success and a high chance of bringing in a treadmill ice age.

yes, he could well leave. but i think the money is a very important factor with bosh. that works in toronto's favour. and then there's the surrounding cast, which works against toronto. especially if bc does what most seem to want him to do and go nuts trying to surround Bosh with win-now players, if i were bosh, i'd be looking around ina couple years and realize that very soon the players that were brought in would be slipping into the downswing; i wouldn't want to be locked into a team like that.

the bulls wouldn't be a bad partner. they have some interesting talent. and both noah and thomas could at least try to take bosh's place--we'd need a 4--they have the rights to a promising 5 from turkey, wings, expiring contracts...deng's a good player. and they'll have a pretty good pick as well.

i've proposed Bosh trades this season with all of this in mind. if new york didn't owe utah their pick, they'd be a better candidate. right now, we'd only be able to do something like Bosh and kapono for marbury, gallinari+chandler (unfortunately most of their decent guys play the same position. oh, almost forgot about lee. lee and Bargnani compliment each other pretty well) some future picks, and maybe rights to swap (then all we'd have to do is buy late 1sts).

i think new york would be the most confident in acquiring him.

san fran has been my favourite partner for such a deal. we can take one of their fatter contracts crawford/maggette/jackson (maggs and jax have long deals) plus they have pretty good young guys like wright+randolph+bellineli and also azabuki and such. of course people would want beans or ellis but i look at it as by Bosh going to a team with beans and ellis plus a couple of those wings i listed, he has a very good chance of wanting to stay: great city, solid core, etc. plus they'll have a good pick they could toss in. and i think they're far enough from the luxury tax that they could take kapono.

portland is another team with young talent. plus lafrentz's contract helps the cap.

anyway, i think its something that should be considered.

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