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Default A BOLD trade idea courtesy of Sam Smith and Swirsk

Seems like Krazy Ivan is in tune with some guys in Chicago.


One of the biggest rumors of late has been the talk of a Jermaine O'Neal trade to Miami for Shawn Marion. It's conceivable as the Raptors want to get rid of O'Neal since he's been—as predicted by many—hurt frequently and without much explosion anymore. Marion has just a year left on his deal, and Miami would get rid of Marcus Banks and his deal through 2010-11. The Raptors, now 10 under .500 after a Sunday home loss to the Suns, are entering desperation territory and it's been said general manager Bryan Colangelo is working Pat Riley hard for the deal. Riley would also have to face that he traded Shaquille O'Neal to take on Jermaine, who makes more money and isn't as effective as Shaq. I find it difficult to believe Miami would do that. But you never know in the NBA. The Raptors have done a poor job trying to get wing players, and even though he is poor in a half court game, Marion would help them. The Raptors are one of several teams fearing the return of an injured player as Andrea Bargnani has settled into a starting four/five spot and with Chris Bosh, Jermaine O'Neal is, at best, now a reserve. So leaks have come out of Toronto of alleged trade possibilities alternatively for Lamar Odom or Josh Howard. Actually, I was most intrigued by a passing thought by my colleague at Bulls.com, Chuck Swirsky. Chuck was in Toronto for a decade and is plugged in there. I haven't talked to him about it, but he suggested perhaps the Raptors should trade Bosh. It's a theory I've heard around the NBA amidst rumors that Bosh is upset with the personnel moves in Toronto and will leave. You occasionally hear the same theory involving players like Amare Stoudemire, that the team may not be able to keep them so why not cash them in for a big package now and rebuild? Because if you lose them—and especially in a place like Toronto, where it's difficult to attract free agents—you're virtually starting over. Teams basically never do that as there's usually less public criticism if a player walks on you, like with Shaq and Orlando, than if you make a bold move first. And it's rare when the team getting the better player doesn't improve more. The risk for taking on Bosh, of course, is that he can leave after next season. So how much can you give up? But if you are willing to take a risk, he'd be a huge coup, say for a team with the potential to add players, like the Pistons. Say they offer some young bigs, expiring deals and a few players and draft picks. With Bargnani and Calderon, the Raptors could be competitive and exciting in the East right away with the right package. Would they take a package from a team like the Bulls of players like Thabo Sefolosha, Andres Nocioni, Joakim Noah and Kirk Hirrich? If you put a player like Bosh on the market, then you'd really have interest. There's no indication they are doing that. But it might be a heck of a move. And after all, your team is 10 games under now. Where are you going?
Smith is very much sold on the idea that Bosh wants to leave. If so then BC's hands are tied and he has to pull the trigger. If not then his hands are still tied and he has to make some kind of bold move to get guys around Bosh soon. Somebody who is thought to be untouchable has to go between now and the start of next season. No?
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