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Originally Posted by pimpery View Post
He was green enough to trade for TJ and his fat contract and serious health issues, so obviously he didnt have a clue the kind of player Jose would become, because TJ's contract is the main thing that will screw us over and have to move Jose (altho i just dont see that happening). I think its time ppl stop acting like BC is a God, his 1st overall pick hasnt panned out and his best move to date is a very injury prone and at often times selfishly inconsistent PG (and dont tell me TJ cant lose you a game as quick as he can win you one). I still think BC is a great GM, but far from Joe Dumars or even his daddy.

With that said its still early in his tenure so i cant say he is bad either, but i think its nuts that every1 acts like he can do no wrong, or that alot of ppl dont realize Daddy made a helluva lot of decisions in PHX with him, or that he seems to listen to his assistent GM more then to himself considering the amount of euro's he always seems interested in.
I honestly don't know what to say to this.

First of all, intelligents GMs or well coaches NEED to surround themselves with people who will challenge and provide GOOD advice. If you have ever taken a business course you'll see that the Japanese business model is based on this mechanism. It is to challenge the leader. BC has done this and it has worked.

Secondly, these "euros" you speak of. If you choose to neglect the fact that BC with limited cap space and a mediocre free agent class signed players on reasonable contracts (Garbo, Pakrer ), short term contracts who would improve our overall basketball IQ, our overall position and help with the youth on our team. Lastly, these same contracts have placed us in a position to contend in the playoffs and as a young team LEARN how to win and then when the contracts expire for these veteran players we can finally move on and utilize the cap space to surround players such as Bosh, Calderon and Bargnani.

Lastly, let me say this. RC Buford is the GM of the Spurs. He was the first to usher in the "international" movement by scouting and finding gems such as Ginboili and Parker (without these two they don't win 3 championships). So all this talk of Euro/international crap is pointless. BC has been following a trend and if you honestly don't see the improvement Bargnani has made this season then you don't pay close enough attention, because if anything this season he's showed that he's gonna be a player.

But maybe we should all doubt the reigning two time GM of the year. I'm sure you were on the Raptors short list right?
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