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Originally Posted by eYe-KaY View Post
If I'm BC, I better be getting Chris Paul if I decide to trade my golden point guard. What people fail to see in Calderon's game, is that he's one of the few (and i mean FEW) players in the league who doesn't give a crap about stats. He plays the game to win, he loves his teammates, and most importantly, does NOT LOOK FOR SHOTS. What is a point guard supposed to do? Make players around him better. Solomon is a natural shooting guard, and will never, ever, ever, be a good enough point guard to start for ANY NBA team, or atleast SHOULDN'T START. Roko is a solid young player, who has a lot of potential, i really like his game. Bottom line, Jose plays a hugee role in the future of this franchise, and I'm not talking about a negative roll. The only pg in the league that can have a 4 point type performance and still be a key contributer to a win for his team. Not only do I love his game, but I put all trust in Jose's hands (the ball) in any situation, because I know that 9/10 times he's NOT gonna F*ck up. The only players that shouldn't be considered for a trade are Bargs, Colderon, and Roko, given that those are the 3 guys that will only get better, ALOT better. And before you bash my thread know that I WOULD trade any of these guys for an opprotunity to make the Raptors a better team, but I would not risk them for any players will equal talent ( KEY WORD IS POTENTIAL ). You can get a very good player for Chris Bosh, or 2 Good players, and if you ask me, thats less of a risk than trading any of these 3 guys. Bosh is a fluke. Bash me now, but a guy like Bosh is only good because of his work-ethic, and will never make the same impact in this league as a Kobe Bryant, or Steve nash in the past. EVER. Im not saying he's a bad player, just not BORN with NATURAL ability to be a superstar.

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