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Originally Posted by ACIEEARL40 View Post
Seriously do you even watch basketball?

Mohammed has only started about 10 games this year.

Bosh is the skinniest PF in the league?

Off of the top of my head I'll bet you Stromile Swift, Joe Smith, Tyrus Thomas, Hakim Warrick and Andris Beidrins are all lighter.
narr only played half the season for them though. I'm not a Charlotte follower by any stretch, so I woudn't know exactly how many, but the mere fact that they are playing him at center, shows that okafor is far from a power center ...

and sure, there are lighter players than bosh, but how many of them are stars? Among star power forwards, Bosh is the skinniest.

And you give Biedrins as an example, which I think it's interesting, because GSW just got webber to start instead of him, maybe because he was underpowered against some of the tough centers in the west?

Look, I'm not saying that okafor is a pushover, he's strong for a PF. But having him at center would not change much for us - he's small and underpowered against the top centers in the league. Sure, he will dominate stromile swift, but can he defend howard, bynum or shaq? I don't think so. Bargnani is 5cm taller and he'll get stronger + he is a mismatch in his own right. Okafor against howard is no mismatch, is pure domination. A fully developed Bargnani can pose major problems to them, okafor will never have that ability.
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