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Originally Posted by fancylad View Post
ok pimpery.. here 'tis:

It's one thing to be vocal when you do it with tact. Or you do it behind closed doors. Don't put Garnett in the same sentance as Lewhore because he never once went on a media temper tantrum like Lebron does. KG was very quiet about the whole thing of leaving Min.

Lebron likes to make waves. He likes to be in all the headlines. It's just the way he is. He is a massive attention whore. probably the biggest one in the league. and that's it. That's why i don't like him. That's why he's different from guys like KG
lol quiet? I heard soooooooo many times of KGs grumblings in Minny yet he took a fat ridiculous contract that crippled his team in many ways then cried about it later, it seems this guy can do no wrong cuz he puts on a nice face to the public, but many sources said behind the scenes he was bitching all the time, but he sure wasnt bitching about a contract that made the nba review how much players could make depending on how many years they played... no KG is a slick media user, he was wallowing in self pity in Minny and made sure every1 knew it, for many years he couldnt get his team out of the 1st round and dont go and tell me that he never had a team equal to the team LeBron took to the finals last year, truth be said, if your an all time great you can win a series on your own. I really like KGs game, i just think ppl let this guy wallow and act sad about his poor 120mil contract in minny for too long and never told it like it is, he needed to stfu and play, he signed the contract.

It doesnt matter cuz history remembers winners, and i still dont think KG will be one, but im pretty sure LeBron will be one and one of the greatest to ever play the game, KG will be a HOF but i wouldnt put him in that category of greatest ever.

Why does no1 mention that Jordan was an asshole aswell?

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