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Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post
oh for christ fucking sakes, he DOES have a god awful BRUTAL looking piece of shit jump shot.


You guys are fanatics.

Can't say anything bad about a guy without you plugs going apeshit.

The scout, ya he was SCOUTING, from what he saw, he thought Roko was shitty, So Feschuk is a douche for reporting what he was told???

So he's a douche for pointing out the obvious, and saying his Jumper was horrid???

I'm sorry boys, you are reading that artical poorly, it's a fair artical, and it crosses no lines, it also compliments a guy who, aside from one or two games, ahs been anything but good so far.

Get a fucking grip
No SJ, you're wrong.

When a kid gives you the light of day, gives his first true interview you don't slam him. It's called respect. There were back handed compliments all over the place, specifically stating that know matter how much work he puts it, he'll never get better. I could care less about everything else he wrote to be honest, but if we're speaking of responsible journalism he should do his job.

He should not simply say that every HIGH SCHOOL player in the WORLD has a better jumper than him. It's not good writing, it's not good journalism and it's not treating the player fairly. Why not say he has a poor jumper? Could that not get the point across? No, putting in that little bit of extra kick in there takes it over the top. Hell and why not name names while we're at it. If we want to criticize the fan base for doing their job (defending a player) than we might as well criticize the journalist who wrote this.

This article could've been written much better, but the backhanded compliments paid to me show a lack of class and respect. And the fanbase wouldn't be upset if it weren't so much that this isn't the first time he's done this.
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