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Default So what do we think?

Okay, so we've played the first quarter of the season and along with the preseason we've seen enough Raptors ball that we can begin to sufficently judge this teams performance.

But I wonder continuously, where do I stand on this team.

There are some days where I think TJ Ford is going to be a top 8 PG but then others I see that in Jose. There are days where Delfino looks like he is finally putting the entire package out there but then he misses those open looks like he did Saturday night and I wonder what's going on. Bargnani at the beginning of the season seemed hell bent to quiet any naysayers on his skill but then inexplicably he disappears on both the offensive and defensive end fo the floor.

So, what do we think? I've been reading on other forums that last season we went 2-8 and the month of December made US what we are today. But our month of December last season compared to this season was a walk in the park. Do we have the ability to enter into that upper echelon of teams that this team tantalized us with from February to April of last year? Or have we gotten "back on track" i.e. playing the way a young team should, that is inconsistent and learning but striving towards a greater goal. Was last year essentially fools gold and what we're seeing now is the actual team growing and learning? Are we an upper echelon team or are we a team that is still a few years away?

Personally last season, I was exctied. I believed that we were an upper echelon team. But now, after watching it more carefully I think we're a team that is STILL learning how to play the game and how to adapt to teams that prepare for you. This is something that we hadn't really come across last season. This season teams are prepared for our offensive schemes. So, I place it in that perspective, and I realize that in reality I cannot be disappointed with this team. The fact that we are still youthful, something I completely neglect at points, has me excited. The fact that we are a .500 club and searching for consistency as a youthful club has me excited. The fact that we seem to be playing for something "greater" come April has me excited as well. We seemed to run out of gas last April. Come this April, I could see us surprising quite a few teams again. This time though, it will matter.
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