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I came from Ottawa to attend this game and wasnt disappointed. My thought on the game:

The Raptors cheerleaders are 10x hotter in person.

There were a TON of amazingly fine malasyan(dunno if thats the right term or w/e, but light skinned chicks) at the game today, it was worth goin just for the eye candy, haha.

Ok, now to the game. The Rockets moved the ball extremely well in the first half, even though we were really getting what we wanted besides on the Yao double teams resulting in wide open 3's. Mcgrady was taking standstill shots with Moon and Delfino right in his grill but hitting. Our offence was putrid, but it was their defence as well. They were locked into our shooters, but also wouldnt let TJ get his shot off clean either, they werent even going under the screens and were defending both things insanely well. They passed the ball really nice also when the bench came in, Scola WILL be their starting PF by years end if they intend to instill that high post offence the entire year, but the 2nd half they didnt run one play in the high post, it was like their ugly ass offence last year with JVG except Mcgrady couldnt break us down anymore.

After the first few minutes I thought we would have to go with a small lineup like we did in Houston last year when we won by spreading them out and playing quick, but that wasnt the case surprisingly. I thought a Bosh/Moon/Delfino/Parker/Jose or TJ lineup would be best in defending them since it would force Yao to defend a shooter or Bosh and thus getting our offence off, but I was wrong thankfully.

2nd half was sort of a blur. It seemed like they werent even getting shots off most possessions and we were playing Celtic like swarming D. Mcgrady stopped taking his usual pullups and started driving into traffic for some reason, and Yao stopped getting the ball. Humphries did his best Dirk impression and Bosh his best KG impression on D, and we started playing faster with Jose in and moving the ball to get wide open shots. Nice to see Bosh not Dirking it vs Tmac, just backing him down and shooting right over him.

The main thing I noticed this game is how much Steve Francis especially sucks, but Mike James as well. You'd think he'd know how to get his game off playing with 2 superstars, just stand in the corner and shoot the open shot you idiot. Instead, he did his best MJ in toronto impersonation and tried driving it to the rim off self called ISO's and ended up missing by a ton or just getting blocked. Hes such a hardhead idiot.

Great win. Can't wait til next Saturday, going back to TO for the Sunday affair vs the Celts, hopefully Bosh and Bargs are fully loaded by then and we can give them their 3rd loss of the season.

Lastly, take it easy on jumping the gun with Moon the past 2-3 games. He just played like 6 straight games with 35+ minutes carrying most of the load on the defensive end, once our lineup is fully healthy again his role on offence especially should become more apparent and easier with tons of open looks, and he'll have his legs back on D playing less minutes and not having to do as much. Hes not tanking it out there, he'll get back to being the monster on D he once was and his stellar play from the last few weeks will continue because he is that damn good on defence.
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