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Default Reflections...

..on the unofficial first half for the raps.

As the year began, it began with nothing but optimism for me the tip came on halloween. Some of you may remember this.....

Our First game happens to be halloween....and so My Raps...as Monsters.


King of the Reptiles, Dominating, Destructive yet smooth, planes and tanks can't beat him. Unfortunatly after every movie, he gets defeated by a small japanease man....lets call him....ohhh...I Dunno....planter fasciitis. luckily Godzilla always comes back.

T.J- Dr.Jeckyll and Mr.Hyde

Really self explanitory, when he is in control, he can be as surgical taking apart another team as a doctor, however he always wants to be, faster, better. stronger and if he drinks the DDB potion, we are all in trouble.


A different kind of blood runs through this monsters veins. Composed, Charismatic. He can kill you a hundred different ways. Not Easily Rattled.
People do not want to get to close to the blood sucker....but if you look away for just a second, he can close fast....and your dead.


Mild mannered by day, if a full moon hits, on the court he can be a menace. Deceptivly quick, able to slash through defenses, runs well in a pack. No Silver Bullet in sight.

A.P-The Invisable Man

Apparantly, no-one can see him, often left wide open to do his damage, doesnt feel the need to be seen, is content effecting the world without accolaide. You might not see him......but he is killing someone somewhere.

Kapono-Swamp Thing

Not very versitile..needs to stay close to where he is comfortable, but if you get to pre-occupied with the other monsters......he'll grab you and rip your heart out.


Hasnt quite hit the mainstream of monster lore yet, Other than a bad Richard Geere movie, but has a large cult following, often seen swooping in and stealing dogs and other livestock, at great speed with pinpoint accuracy..some say to catch a glimpse of the mothman is beautiful....others..the smart ones...see horror.
Garbo-King Kong

Powerful, Versitile, Caring and Loving,hates NY, while dischevaled and looks like he was born in a jungle. Sometimes, doesnt know when to quit, when the planes and tanks are blasting you...maybe its best to put the girl down, get in the cage save your strength for when you can really do some damage.

Humphries-LeatherFace(Texas Chainsaw)

I stole this which sums up Hump perfectly
How will he kill you?
Meat-tenderizing hammer! And, yes, sometimes a chainsaw
How can you win?
Leatherface is stupid. Really, inbred-to-the-point-of-extinction stupid. Your recourse is to be smart. Not even that smart, just stop running and screaming for two fucking minutes. If you get out of his line of sight and keep your trap shut, he'll forget you exist and wander home to play with LEGOs.

Also, don't talk to anyone within 150 miles of a Leatherface encounter. Every single one of them is related to him and wants to eat your succulent young flesh. Just keep driving until you’re not in Texas any more


Left for dead many times over, but keeps comming back and resurecting himself without much change. A classic monster, that be effective if used with a large group, on his own though...really not much to be scared off...but you cant really kill him....he'll be back.

Moon-Blair Witch

Not much is known about the witch...some even doubt he exisits....but those who have paid attention, say he can be frightining...if giving the chance.


The oldest of all monsters, mostly you want him to just stay dead. Not very frightning and slow....but everytime you put him down...he just seems to get back up again untill he kills you of bordem. May have some value helping younger monsters.


WAYYYYYY Smarter than it looks. Will devise a plan with his crew, tear you limb from limb before you even knew what hit you. Can take on both bigger and smaller adversaries. Often taken for granted, because of its mild mannered looks. Looks after its own kind, and seems to know what you are going to do before you do it. Go up against this monster, and while you may think you have the upper hand...you don't, you're just another Nesterobitch.


Has the phyiscal staure to be very effective, but needs someone to hold his hand. When motivated can be a useful force. Just doesnt seem to fit in anywhere. Although the tools are there, something seemed to go wrong in his brain, looks like he would rather be picking flowers somewhere else.

Graham-The guy in the mask from Scream

Visually frightining, but no real substance, just like you and me, punch him and he'll drop, really nothing scary here..cept maybe his game.

Mitchell-Hannibal Lechtor

Ask him a simple question, and he will ask it right back to you, and make you feel stupid, capable of motivating and riling up his victims, unfortunatly not much of a tactition......or is he???????


A charismatic computer, just when you think you have the upper hand...You're dead, oh...and he'll kick your ass at chess

and not alot has changed for me really...this team has made no real great steps forward...to the "elite" of the eastern conference, and hasnt really taken a huge step back either....mediocre is a good word.

-The injury bug has plagued us once again, but it has hurt everyone, it is not an excuse.

-Bosh- started like a big giant girl....has put things together of late, but still doesnt show up for the big ones.

-Bargs- started out like a man ready to take the next step...turned out the step was just "a step to the left" as we did the time warp and he regressed back to....well worse than ever....is that even possible....now he seems to be getting his confidance back and Bargs>Bosh in 2 years.

-T.J Ford- Was playing well before the injury....but..and I am not going to talk about his game...TJ Ford it is clear now...is an injury concern for the rest of his career.

-Hump- Played some horse...got overrated....nobody makes me scream at my tv more.

-Jose-I'm going to see Jesus Christ Superstar tonight....and he reminds me of a line from the muscial...Judas singing "Jose Christ, Jose Christ...do you think you're what they say you are?" Jose responded with an unequivical YES I AM, this year.

-Rasho- Still steady...I think he is underused a bit, but I wont get my panties in a bunch about him.

-A.P- I made him the "invisable man" in the first post...butfor the wrong reason..he dissapears for a few games....and then becomes Jordan again...I dont get it.

-Kapono- GET THE GUY SOME SHATS.....PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Delfino- a wierd mix between Mike James and Jerome Williams.....

-Dixon- Please never play PG again.

-Moon-A bright light....hitting a wall now...hopefully the layoff will recharge the batteries. ...Oh and go win the dunk off

-Garbo- We miss him...BIG TIME.

-Baston- I hear he practices well

-Martin- Please never play basketball again.

-Graham- "Joey Christ, Joey Christ..do you think your're what they say you are?"...yes your are.:mad:

-Mitchell- Please call an out of bounds play...and Get Kapono some Shats....I'm sure I would be more pissed at Sam if T.J didnt get hurt and make his job easier for him.

-BC- I will judge you on what you do in the next few weeks...

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