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I'll do coles notes for a couple

[quote=lang;10010]Defensive Three Seconds: The defensive player cant be inside the paint for more than 6 seconds looking blatantly obvious because he isnt anywhere near his man before getting called for this violation.

Hand Checking: If the defender is white or european and bumps a guard on the perimeter the least bit, even if the guard isnt affected at all and is slowing down to pass, the euro/white guy will get called for the foul. Same rule applies if youre guarding a superstar.

Flagrant Fouls: If the player who got fouled throws himself to the ground really hard and lands hard enough, even if the foul wasnt that hard the defender will get called for a flagrant foul. Same thing applies if a player on the home team gets fouled hard with no intent to injure and the fans start screaming at the refs, the refs will buckle under pressure and call this violation because they're afraid.

Illegal Screens/Picks: This violation will only be called if the offensive player flails like a bitch, besides that it wont be called because every player in the league has gotten used to it and its a part of the league nowadays.

Blocks/Charge: If a superstar bowls over a player it will always be called a block. 70% of the time the rule applies otherwise to any other player because the defensive player is moving 95% of the time anyway and its really the biggest interpretation and angle dependant call out of all the violations. Basically the refs will make a lot of makeup calls and call what they feel because they think theyre the show.

Traveling: (The NBA has called it well this year) The big marketing guys like Lebron and Wade will still get away with it. It's pathetic and hard to watch but thats the way it is.

Incidental Contact: This violation is ignored 95% of the time especially in regards to superstars. Superstars superstars superstars.
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