Report Card Time: Joey


I like the big lug, but he?s always at least a step slower than the pace of the game. I had hopes that he could be a Joel Anthony-type player (and that?s not asking too much), but he doesn?t have the defensive IQ and he may not have the right coaching to draw out the best from him. Worth keeping him around as a bench big with the hope that he catches up one day. Not a rotation player.

Grade: C-


Joey had some good games against lesser teams, but had a tough time against quality opponents. He always did well as the lead cheerleader while on the bench. A good character guy to have filling out the roster. And there is still the possibility that he eventually overachieves.

Grade: C


Wouldn’t mind seeing him back. He’s a big body capable of providing energy as a last resort. Every now and then he will provide a highlight, or at least perform the highlight camera mime from the sideline when somebody with a tangible skill does something noteworthy.

Grade: D


His towel waving and high fives were full of passion and some of the best i’ve seen. oh wait… we’re grading his play? nevermind then..

Grade: A


Dorsey could very easily become the next Reggie Evans. Oh wait, what? He’s almost the same age as Reggie. Good luck in Europe.

Grade: C


honestly, this guy shouldnt be in the NBA.
not a fan of him whatsoever.

he actually started a few games for us last year…. that is how badly we stunk.

Grade: D-


Joey gets a couple of votes for an A, with 53% handing out a C and 32 percent giving him a D

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