Report Card Time: Linas


Injured for the majority of the season. He had plenty of decent games for the raps early on, but struggled from the outside and couldn?t really play much PF because of our logjam at that position. He might have been our best post player at one point, but we never really used him that way. He?ll be out of commission for a good chunk of next year as well, so he?s really earning that big contract.

Grade: Incomplete


I never got a good sense of what his role was, outside of that it was meant to expand on any role he had in the past, at least at the NBA level. And he never looked entirely comfortable, which took away from some of his natural strengths such as facilitating and shooting from long range. It’s possible that he’s simply a bad fit, and with him needing to sit with an injury for a good chunk of next season, it’s going to be hard for him to find his proper place on this team.

Grade: Incomplete


My expectations were too high. And so were Kleiza’s. His year in Europe inflated his ego to solid contributor status, when in fact, he’s a role player. When healthy, just stand in the corner on offense, and for the love of god, do not, DO NOT dribble the ball.

Grade: D


he looked REALLY good in preseason. and then the games starting to count….
Hopefully he gets back to 100% within the next 2 years (frankly i don’t care about next season) and hopefully a healthy Linas can improve our team. It was obvious that an unhealthy one could not.

Grade: Incomplete



Grade: Incomplete


Mr Butter fingers…
margerine hands….
Mr Turnover….
Mr Lube….
Gurk, before a late night internet porn session…

the only thing i remember from him is that his hands are greasier than Carlos Delfino’s hair.

Grade: D-


20% give him an A, and about the same amount give him a D, with 45% handing him a C

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Claud  on August 9th, 2011

Linas is great, i think he will be one of the leaders in next season when he will be healthy, I like he is giving his money to charity { read somewhere}.

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