Report Card Time: Julian


Could possibly be a good role player on a playoff team, but turned out to be a bad bench warmer with the Raps. Add to that the insult of refusing to enter a game, and JuJu was pretty disappointing.

Grade: D-


I liked his defense, and his instincts as something of a point forward at times. And then as he earned more minutes his effectiveness on both ends suffered. He was probably another player that wasn’t helped by trying to take on a bigger role.

Grade: D-


Has some tools, as evidenced by his ability to play the point forward… kind of. Capable defender. Didn’t leave much of an impression on me though. Most memorable moment came when he apparently refused to enter a game. Pardon me while I yawn. He’ll be an afterthought in Raptor’s lore.

Grade: D


D. as in D league.

Give me back Marco Belinelli

Grade: D


Fools gold. There’s a reason why he hasn’t received consistent minutes to date on the two teams he’s been on.

Grade: C-


there were a few games this season where he came out on fire…. showed fantastic D, hustle, and passion….. then he’d get burried on the bench again and we’d forget all about him.

he’s a forgetable player who offers a few flashes of stellar play once every 20 games…. then he fades away and you forget he’s around.

funny enough, if we werent doing these report cards, i would have forgot he was on the team.

Grade: grade? for who?


How’s this for a wide range of opinions? 19% -B, 33% -C, 24% -D, 10% -E, and 14% F

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