Report Card Time: James


Picked up in late February after getting limited minutes on the Bulls, so his stats are skewed lower than his production in Toronto. Well worth a late first rounder, and I hope he can continue to develop. Not the most consistent player, but gave us really good backup SF that could contribute in several ways. Too bad we didn?t have a #1 option.

Grade: B-


I like him best as a guy that can rebound from the SF position and create a little bit. He could be a really nice fit in a good defensive system. He could be an important piece of the puzzle, either as a starter or a bench player, as long as he’s not asked to do too much. He could really benefit from defensive upgrades and a clear sense of direction from the team on offense. He showed some ability to lead, and be a bit of a glue guy on both ends, but too often needed to overcompensate for too many deficiencies.

Grade: B


Probably better than anybody we could’ve nabbed with the Heat’s late first rounder. Jack of all trades offensively, physical defender. Even though he’s already 24, I think he has some room to improve, considering he’s only played about half a season during his two years in the league.

Grade: B


yeah… i don’t really know. By the time he came here i pretty much stopped watching the team. I saw him have a couple good games though.

Grade: B


I loved what we saw in his limited time with the Raps. His ability to rebound, defend, block shots, handle the ball and create at the wing was refreshing. If he can develop a little range on his shot and cut down on the careless turnovers, he could be a keeper. It’s also nice knowing that the Raps have a guy that at any given moment could go all kung fu and take on the entire opposing team all by himself.

Grade: B


great trade for us…
JJ was a big boost late in the season for the Raps, and really gave the fans something sweet to end a sour season with.
He has the ability to evolve into a fantastic energy guy who can make a big impact on the game… but will need some time to develop – good thing he’s young and cheap!

Grade: B

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10% give JJ an A, 70% offer a B, and 20% send him home with a C

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