Report Card Time: Reg-gie


Started off the season convincing many of the members on this board (myself included) that we had a team that could be more competitive this year. An absolute monster of a rebounder and the kind of guy that infects the whole team with defensive energy. But another long-term injury put him out of commission, and the only silver lining was that Ed Davis got more minutes. I hope we can keep him at a much lower price.

Grade: Incomplete but I?ll give him a B+ on the 30 games for completely changing the dynamic of the team.


Reggie could be very valuable as a guy that changes the momentum of a game. He needs to be the guy that can be counted on in short spurts. As good as he played with big minutes, I just don’t think he’s a guy that gets starter’s minutes on a good team. I love what he does for chemistry, and as something of an extension of the coach. I think he would be great to have around to help with Ed Davis’ development.

Grade: B


I relate to his candy fetish… and he rebounds well for a guy his size. An army of Reggies could have conquered Stalingrad, but would struggle to run a fluid lay up line.

Grade: C+


You know when Reggie Evans is a key part of the rotation and logging heavy minutes, your team is in TROUBLE. The guy had some good moments this past year and he was a beast on the boards, but honestly that’s not enough when you can’t hit the broad side of a barn. The space defenders gave him when he had the ball on offense tells you everything you need to know. It’s funny how he’s Bargnani’s exact opposite, but when you need two guys to be essentially 1 really good player, you are playing a man down.

Grade: C+


How can anyone not like this guy? At times he appears as though he would be willing to sacrifice his life just to secure a loose ball. I’d love to see him back, but at what price and at at what cost to our young emerging PF’s? He also seems cursed with a high propensity for injury since coming to Toronto. Actually, I really hope Reggie gets the chance to play for a contender.

Grade: B


he was one of the bright spots in an otherwise dreary season.
we started off the season great! and then he injured his leg and we fell flat on our faces!
imagine that, we were in contention for 2 weeks and then Reggie got hurt and we fell off the map… seriously, Reggie.
our season revolved around Reggie’s health! hahahahaha! Reggie!

we stink and made Reggie Evans look like a beast.

Grade: B-


32% of the forum offer Reggie an A, 45% give him a B, and 14% make it a C

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