Report Card Time: Sonny Weems


I almost left this comment as simply ?meh?, but since it?s a contract year, he deserves more than that. Sonny had a great first season with the raps, and perhaps increased expectations more than they should have been. He can be a nice role player, but he had too much responsibility this year and couldn?t keep things consistent on either end of the floor. I hope he?s realistic with his contract demands if and when he comes back to the NBA because he could be a part of a growing team. He could really use a mentor.

Grade: C


Just another victim of the mish-mash of a roster that could not sustain any proper identity. Add to that the desire to play his way into a nice contract, along with a bad back, and bad results are almost assured. It will be interesting to see where his head is at going forward, whether he is still here or somewhere else.

Grade: C-


If focused and unselfish, he could end up being a marginally good bench player, providing offense in doses and defense at the wing. But, unfortunately, he plays with a sense of gross entitlement. Bring him back if the price is right, or replace him with the Ford Taurus he refused to pay off.

Grade: C


You can’t blame him for not being that good. I don’t think he had a good meal all season what with his lowly income. You can’t play good basketball when you’re hungry and malnourished.

Grade: C-


Remember when people argued he was more talented than DeMar?

Grade: C


who gave him the nickname “money”?
because he is so far from being “money”…. (it mustv’e been Devlin)
in fact, he may be the lowest paid raptor player if he signs that offer sheet for a cool mil.
i say we call him Clarence from here on out.

Clarence needs to learn how to just play, not force anything and let the game come to him. maybe then Clarence will be a productive 8th man off the bench instead of being an erratic, inconsistant chucker.
right now, he’s only here to keep DD happy.

Grade: D


There’s a couple votes for an A, a couple for a B, a couple for an E, one for an F and the bulk of the votes settling in on a C at 42%, or a D at 30%

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