Report Card Time: Leandro


Missed 24 games due to injury, and perhaps should have had surgery at the beginning of the season. Although he can still score in bunches and did win us a few games, he went 1 on 5 as the primary offensive option far too often, and provided little else. Seems like a great locker room guy, but I think he was a negative impact on the on-court development of our young team.

Grade: C-


Leandro was the most talented player in a Raptors uniform on some nights. And that says a lot about the roster. When you have specialists like Barbosa and Reggie Evans taking on key roles instead of supplementing what is there, then it’s just too hard to build on any success. It’s time for a more balanced roster to come together and fail or succeed on it’s own merits as the team continues to develop, and it’s hard to see where Barbosa fits going forward.

Grade: C


A nice piece on the wrong team. Without any kind of pecking order, or discipline, he had his fun – too much fun. Thought he could at least spell some time at the point, but really, it just gave him more of an excuse to play one on five. I think if he were healthy, he’d try to score on both baskets.

Grade: C


The guy has no idea how to play off his teammates and how to make this team better. When you go 1 on 5 you have to be pretty good to actually pull off some plays… and Leandro actually pulled off some amazing plays. Too bad he was also the king of not passing for an easier shot, taking horrid 3’s and just not being able to mix well into the team at all. The fact that he’s always getting hurt doesn’t help his cause either.

Grade: C


Not a fan of his game at all. He’d be a great piece off the bench on a centending team.

Grade: C


he averaged 2.1 assists per game?
i dont remember this guy ever passing the ball.

on a good team, he’d be an impact player… but on a shit team, he’s just a waste of talent and his production is invisible.

he’s our biggest trade filler this offseason, i’d be surprised to see him in a Raps uni next year.

Grade: B-


2 dudes give him an A, 3 dudes give him a D, 53% offer a B, and 30% make it a C

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